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Kolpos Kallonis – Agia Paraskevi

Again our route starts from Mytilene. Following the western exit of the city via the highway at the 16th km. we reach the village “Lambou Mili”, built at the foot of a green forest area.

At the end of the forest to the east we find the ancient temple of Messos.

After the end of the forest, the natural landscape changes. The area is transformed from a pine forest to a vast olive grove to the east, while to the west the endless blue of the Gulf of Kalloni and the white colour of the salt marshes of the area dominate, which together form the homonymous wetland of Kalloni.

Arriving at the only crossroads of the area, to the east the road leads us to the picturesque town of Agia Paraskevi, where customs and traditions with roots lost in antiquity are still alive today. Visit the Industrial Olive Oil Industry Museum of Lesvos, located at the entrance of the village, and learn about the traditional process of olive oil production through the tools used and the rich audiovisual material.

To the east of the town we meet the picturesque mountainous area of Napi, while returning to the junction that led us to Agia Paraskevi and continuing our route northwards, we approach the picturesque settlement of “Arisvi”. A short distance from here we meet the small town of the island, Kalloni.

It is the road junction that leads us to the northern and western Lesvos. Kalloni is built on the largest plain of the island with intense commercial and cultural activity, while at a distance of 4 km, through the picturesque settlements of Arians, Keramia and Papiana, we arrive at Skala Kalloni, a tourist resort and port of the surrounding area. Here you will find rooms to let as well as tavernas and refreshments to cool off while you enjoy your swim on the sandy beach that stretches in front of you.

A short distance from Kalloni, to the north, is the Byzantine monastery of Panagia Myrsiniotissa.