Terms and Conditions


The original driver’s license of the driver, the identity card or the passport of the driver (or drivers) are required in order to rent a car along with a credit card, if asked,  of at least one of the drivers. The company assumes no responsibility for the legitimacy of the above mentioned documents.

Driver’s age

The minimum age limit of the driver (or drivers) is 25 years. The car drivers should not exceed the 75th year of their age. The car rental for drivers 25 years of age and under is only possible by agreement and approval of the office.

Driving license

Drivers must hold an international driving license or a driving license issued by a European Union Member State for a period of 2 years at least.

Minimum Rental Period

Minimum rental period is one day (24 hours). Upon completion of the rental period, the driver has one (1) hour at his disposal to return the car at no charge. Upon expiry of the above time-frame, the driver shall be charged the cost of an extra day.

No refund is applied in the event that the driver returns the car earlier than the date and time of the rental.


All car renters are insured against third parties for death, personal injury, property damage and for driver’s personal accident. The driver can limit his liability for his legal share in any damage of the vehicle or be fully exempted from such damage (under the condition that it does not fall under a breach of the Highway Code) provided that he has accepted the relevant terms of the contract with his signature and pays daily the corresponding amount agreed.

Fines from traffic or other offenses

Any fines related to traffic or other offenses are exclusively borne by the driver who must immediately inform the company.

Delivery – Pick up at the airport and the port

Delivery and pick up at the airport and the port of Mytilene is free.

Child Seats

Available upon availability.

Car type Change

The company reserves the right to change the type of car with another one of equal or higher category in specific circumstances.

Transport by ship

It is forbidden to transport the car outside the island.